At Build-A-Bear, we believe in adding a little more HEART to life and have a rich history of giving back to the communities where our guests and associates live, work and play. In partnership with our guests, Build-A-Bear has donated more than $47 million in grants and furry friends to organizations around the world!

Our heart ceremony lies at the center of the Build-A-Bear Workshop experience. It’s the moment when you bring your newest furry friend to life by adding a heart that holds your hopes and good wishes. Our Heart Ceremony, and its meaning, serves as the guiding principle of our charitable foundation and brand purpose.

Build-A-Bear and the Build-A-Bear Foundation add a little more HEART to life by inspiring kids to be Helpful, Empowered, Accepting, Respectful, and Team players.

We encourage kids to demonstrate H.E.A.R.T.:

  • H – Help the community
  • E – Empower yourself and others
  • A – Accept what makes you and others unique
  • R – Respect animals and the world around you
  • T – Team up to do more

With your help, we will continue adding a little more HEART to life!